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Welcome to The Runners Movement!

So today is a new day...

I love running, movement, the outdoors, and helping others so I created a place to share ideas and thoughts. The Runners Movement is a place where you will be able to go and educate yourself and learn on different topics about training, injuries, movement, gear, and life, not only with what's going on outside but inside.

Down the road I will be offering movement and gait analysis, massage therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation plans and also training plans geared to you. These services will be offered either online or in person, taking the right protocols. There is no reason why each process in our life can't be a step forward, a movement in the right direction.

Sometimes it only takes a step out the door, a mile down the road, a song in our head, or a mantra in our heart. Let's make each other better!

Welcome to The Runners Movement!

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