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Life On The Run

It is amazing how times change and what means the most to you(me)...

For decades of trying to figure out life, the past few months I realized I was trying too much to figure out life rather than living it.

Because of my background I analyze everything, calculating the positives and negatives and taking those ratios into everything I do. The good in that is it helps those I work with in my sports medicine world. I like to observe, analyze, review, recommend, and treat. I can take evidence based research along with my own anecdotal research to make the best treatment protocol for each and every person. I have a few great peers that do the same and am grateful there are others willing to put it all on the table to help others. I now feel the last piece is vulnerability. I feel this last piece is where we can all come together.

It is very easy to run, baring injury, to keep moving one foot in front of the other. I have always used running to try and let go of things but once I stopped, "it" tended to come back, catching up with me. So what does the runner do? I sign up for a new race or new adventure trying to outpace whatever we are running from. These last 2 years have slowed a bit. I have attended a few of the Rob Krar Ultra Camps and at no moment did I have a worry in life. I could let my current stresses go and simply "be". I met new people, enjoyed new places, and was able to reboot myself. A more of an embrace of things and thankful for new people in my life. We(I) can keep going and going but then there is a breaking point, an awakening. A time when one can do a system check and realize that life needs to be lived not wondered...wondering of lost times, lost moments, lost relationships...

These new times have been a huge punch in the face. Many times we(I) try to figure everything out instead of simply living it. We need to live this new now. Embrace new moments, take that chance, do something scary, and not wonder too much...just live! If it doesn't go well, well we don't know what we don't try. Once we can let go of things we can embrace the day, the moment, move forward, and embrace what it truly means to live. It is why I started The Runners Movement. A place where we can go to learn, educate, and share.

I am so happy to have been given this opportunity and I look forward to sharing!

Be you, be well, and to trails and smiles!

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