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The Fluidity of the Run...

The general definition of the term "fluidity", is the ability of a substance to flow easily. That said, we all know that when we push ourselves in training or racing, to flow easily is easy to say. Most of my runs these days are in the mighty Niagara Gorge, running an out and back from Artpark to the Niagara Falls and back. I have run this trail for well over 15 years and it changes all the time. What hasn't changed is the overall pattern of the way the water rushes and flows. I know the eddys, the breaks, the whirlpools, places where it seems calm but the flow is too much. I can run along and notice the water levels change week to week. I can tell you almost every step on these trails right now and what to expect. What I like about this trek are the rushing whitewater rapids. I love the initial calm and then the roaring rush of the rapids, breaking the thoughts in my mind to allow me to just run.

Like the rapids, we ebb and flow. We feel great and like crap. The tide goes out and comes back in. New boulders fall from the walls but the water does what it does. What we can learn is that like the water, running is cyclical and it still pushes on.

Looking from the outside in, we all have plans on how the day will go or we hope goes but then it can get a bit overwhelming...

The fluidity and flow of the run then gets rougher and we can get sucked in to the inner rapids...Grade 1(easy) to 2, and then 5+(hold on!)to this...

It is quite easy to get sucked into the flow, the fluidity, good or bad, but we all have a choice.

I can only speak for myself but that is what I signed up for. And the more I have learned about myself over the past couple of years the more I learn about this flow and fluidity.

Instead of being sucked in, I can appreciate the beauty, the white whispering sounds of the rapids and know the ebbs and flows look like this...

You see, once you can look inside yourself and appreciate what you have to offer can you finally see the the flow and fluidity of the run. Things may get rough at times but if you can keep moving forward, check yourself... things can flow and make sense. Keep moving, keep flowing, be well!

I look forward to sharing these trails with you soon!

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