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Welcome to the Runners Movement


The Runners Movement (TRM) is a place for those who like to move, press forward, and better themselves physically and mentally. 


TRM will offer advice on running, movement, training, injuries, and life covering even the social impacts. There will be writings, videos, and interviews. The goal is to keep us motivated on all levels and even venture out of our comfort zones to enhance our bodies and minds. 


Let’s take this journey together, one foot in front of the other, to be our best selves!


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My name is Jim Mollosky and I have a passion for running and helping others run.


As a certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and licensed massage therapist, I offer a unique blend of professional and personal experience to help others achieve their goals. Running to me is much more than just the elegant movement through a trail or a determined push through a track workout. Running has brought me to distances and I never would have imagined, unveiled the natural beauty of nature, helped me gain personal insight, allowed me to work with others on injuries and episodes of self-doubt, and last but not least running has helped me forge meaningful relationships within the runner community. 


I personally have dealt with acute and chronic injuries in addition to depression and want to share my journey with others on the road to wellness and recovery. As a professional and athlete, I understand the physical, emotional, and psychological toll that injury has on a person. I have helped countless athletes of all abilities and disciplines bounce back from injury using my skills in prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, and treatment.


I will offer movement analysis, gait analysis, corrective exercises for injury, massage therapy, and training advice to allow you to be your best self!

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